Tuesday, February 2, 2010

So... a marathon, hey?

This weekend my mom announced that she had signed us up for a marathon. Registered, paid for, the works.

I knew that we would be running in a marathon together a long time ago. We would be running together in July, and it would be my first marathon. I am really looking forward to running with her.

So, yeah. This marathon is in MAY. This is the marathon, here.

Okay, so we are only running the 10km portion, but seeing that it is my first year doing it, that isn't bad, right? (This will be her second year).

10 kilometres may not seem like much. It is equivalent to about 6.2 miles. However, when you consider that I just started exercising in September, and I have gone from being able to jog about 2 km before stopping and needing a break to this. A big part of this is that as I have lost weight, the arthritis in my knees has become much less of an issue.

So anyway, I did my first time trial for the 10K yesterday to see where I am standing. I maintained a constant speed throughout, and managed to complete 10 KM in 1hour33minutes. Not bad for my first try!

I am a little bit stiff today, mostly in my upper thighs and my butt - Apparently I don't use those muscles as often in my regular work-outs.

My plan now is to complete 10KM on the treadmill three times / week, increasing the speed by 0.1km/h each time.

Today I swam laps for 35 min. I wasn't pushing myself at all, just enjoying the water and swimming breaststroke. I swam 40 laps, which put me at 1km travelled via breaststroke.

You may wonder why I am putting so much emphasis on the distance that I travelled each time. On my way home, after being told about the 10km run, I started thinking about different things that I could do to motivate myself at the gym. I wasn't having trouble getting to the gym, but once I got there I would often give up on my workout early because I was exhausted. I know that if I pushed myself I could have completed my goal.

So I gave myself this challenge: In the month of February, I want to travel 100km in workouts.

It seems daunting when you first look at it, but then I started to think about it. If I work out in some manner 5 days/week (and I do), then I will work out for 20 days in February. That means in order to make it up to 100km in the month of February, then I only need to make it 5km per workout. I think that's do-able.

Do you want to join me?

I have posted a new ticker on the right-hand side of the page to track my progress.

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