Monday, February 22, 2010

Here it is!

Behold, the long awaited knitting post! (I know, for a blog that is technically supposed to be about knitting, that is quite pathetic.

So I began this project thinking that I would make it to look like a patchwork quilt, all sorts of random colours, and that (of course), it would tie together quite nicely. The problem? I hate it. It looks like 'kaka'. See?

Uhh... yes, that's a fish tank, why do you ask? Lol.

So anyway, I decided to start over again and hope for the best, since I'm told the recipient is due in May. (Something tells me this might be a present for baby's first birthday?)

It looks like a mess so far, because I am working on circulars that are about 10" too short for the project, but I am really happy with how it is turning out so far all the same. The yarn that I am using right now is a multi-colour, but I intend to use black between rows to make it a little bit less.... psychedelic.



 Hehe it reminds me of coral all bunched up like that. 

Here's to hoping it turns out better than the first!

PS. Why yes, that is a new row counter on the right hand side of the picture, thanks for noticing! I am quite happy with it, I think I would lose my mind without it on this project. 

Featured Website:

Today's featured website holds a collection of oddities, that can be anywhere from amusing to grotesque. The picture I have included may look like there is a floating Jesus head in it... But the hair is the bushes behind the couple, and the eye is a actually a child's head! It is wearing a bonnet, looking down. Look close!

The website can be found here.

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