Monday, January 25, 2010

Okay, You can stop now.

I'm not sure how many of you are from my little area of the world, but if you are you know that we are being hit by snow in a big way.

Now, normally I'd be thrilled. Snow means natural water, means fresh drinking water. Great.

Unfortunately, the snow started about an hour after my boyfriend left the city for a hockey tournament. (He's fine, thanks for asking).

With his disappearance, it meant that I was working his janitorial shifts for him. Normally, not a big deal. I sit in the office working on homework and do my rounds five or six times throughout the day making sure there is nothing that needs to be cleaned and that nothing has been broken. (It's a very quiet building on the weekend.) This weekend however, there was SNOW.

I put snow in capital letters, because it wasn't, 'oh nice, it's snowing' snow, it was 'It snowed how much overnight?!' snow.

According to the news, we got about 20cm of snow in two days. That wouldn't be bad, except that it was quite windy all weekend, so all of the snow from the country (Blame my province having few trees here....), blew into the city and gathered around the buildings, continuously.

Oh yeah. When it's snowing? Snow removal takes precedence over all cleaning tasks. Ah, crap.

Saturday I arrived at work at 8am, right on time despite the fact that I drive a little Neon and the roads hadn't been plowed yet. I sure had to fight to get there, I tell you. I was thinking as I drove to work that morning, "I don't think I've ever seen the roads this bad here..." Once I got there, I started shoveling immediately. It wasn't too bad, because there wasn't a lot of snow in the city previously to blow around, and most of what was there was already packed down. So okay, Saturday I made my first round around the building shoveling walks in about 2 hours. After that, to maintain 'clear' sidewalks I set my cleaning aside four more times to shovel, each time taking an hour.

Now those who know me personally know that I've been looking for an upper body workout lately. Well, this was definitely an upper body workout. After finishing my shift at 5pm, I navigated the roads home, and promptly sat myself in the bathtub for the entire evening.

The next day, I was about ten minutes late getting into work, because I got stuck trying to get out of my apartment buildings' parking lot. But I made it. I started shoveling right away again. This time, it took 6 hours to shovel around the building once. Yeah, I was hurting after that. I still have trouble making a fist with my hands today.

Needless to say, I didn't feel the need to go to the gym after that either Saturday or Sunday.

Today is a different story though. I know that I need to go to the gym, and I also know that I need to get some homework and housework done (especially with my boyfriend stuck outside the city, I have no one to help me.) I do intend to do all of these today, I just need a little push.

See, class was canceled today because so many people couldn't get to the University. As of this morning only the two main roads in the city were opened up by plows, and buses were refusing to leave these routes.

So my first reaction, of course, was to go straight back to bed. I just got up again, and now want nothing more than to sit around, drink a hot chocolate, and watch a movie all wrapped up like a bug in a rug. But I'll get everything done. I will.

I can hear another person stuck in the alley behind my apartment (the fourth I've seen today). Maybe pushing him out would count as my exercising? *le Sigh*

Off I go to real life and real work :)

Today's Honourable Mention goes to Ravelry. I know most of you use Ravelry all the time, and up until a few days ago I assumed that everyone did. But some people don't know about it, can you believe it? No knitter in their righteous mind should be without Ravelry. It's knit-suicide.

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