Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Yesterday was day 43 of my weight-loss journey, as well as a weigh-in date. I am following the weight watchers weight-loss model, with adaptations to my needs.

If you are familiar with the points system, I have made the following adaptations:

1. I am never allowed to go over my daily point limit, with the exception of a holiday, and then I must be within 10 points of my daily limit.

2. I must obtain 35 extra points throughout the course of 1 week, through exercise, and extra daily points (unused)

3. I don't do that 'how hungry are you at whatever time' stuff - I just learn my own way.


In following this program of mine, I was very scared to weigh-in yesterday, as Sunday was our Thanksgiving supper, and it was not my usual high-exercise, low-calorie weekend.

I shouldn't have worried so.

I have lost another 5 lbs!

That puts me, in 43 days at a total loss of 21 lbs, or 10% of my total weight. It also puts me a nice chunk closer to my total goal of 68 lbs lost (to put me at 135 lbs, the weight I was at when I started university.)

I also lost a total of 5 cm or about 2 inches over the last two weeks, which considers:

Each arm,
each thigh.

Very encouraging.

Yet... I still have a hard time keeping the gym a habit. Maybe it is because of the cold weather causing my arthritis to act up? I wouldn't say that I'm un-motivated. I want more than anything to have my flat stomach back. I guess between two jobs and full-time school it can just be a bit much.

But I won't give up! There is a long way to go yet.

Tune in next time for a more crafty post :)

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