Wednesday, October 7, 2009

An Ode/Letter to Exercise

Oh, Exercise...
Why do you hate me?
I know we've had rough times,
But I'm trying, why can't you see?

So maybe I'd rather be watching TV,
Or curled up on the sofa with a book.
But I've been really trying to get along, Oh Exercise,
Please give my efforts a look!

I've been to the gym every week,
Not one time or two, but four!
But with the amount that you've made me feel 'better',
I'd really like to kick you to the door.

They told me that it would get easier,
That soon you and I would elope.
Just give it a try, and wait. You'll see!
It's addictive, a form of dope.

So I drag myself out the door every day,
And try not to wreck the walls,
Pushing my bike out of the building,
And dragging it upstairs in the hall.

I have biked to school since September,
Three days a week if I can,
I beg you to give it a thought,
If I could I'd be less active than 'Gran.

My hobbies do not include you, Oh Excercise
I'd rather sit down and read a book.
I like to knit, or sew or watch TV,
If I'm really determined I'll even cook.

But for all of my attempts at friendship,
You continue to hurt me, Why?
It's like trying to cuddle a cactus,
It doesn't make sense to try.

I'll keep on trucking, Oh Exercise,
But only 'cuz you'll give me the 'look'
But watch your back, Oh Exercise,
I could easily replace you with a book!

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