Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Not to say that I currently am, and definitely not to say that I currently shouldn't be.

Do you ever wonder how much time an average student spends studying? I am decidedly average. I go to class, do my very best not to miss any (The only times I miss are if I am quite sick or if I am absolutely freaking out about an exam that is in the following class). So that lends itself to 10 hours of class/week, at a courseload of 5 classes. My class list is currently as follows:

Commerce 450-01.3 - Branding

Commerce 354-01.3 - Consumer Behaviour

Psychology 110-61.6 - Introduction to Psychology

Religious Studies 282-01.3 - Religious Perspectives on Death and Dying

English 284-01.3 - Beowulf & Northern Heroes.

I divide the time that I spend in class based first on any assignments that are due soon/exams coming up, then by any classes that have classmates waiting for me to finish portions of assignments, then by class that I struggle with the most.

So far, I have spent the following number of hours outside of class:

Branding = 5

Consumer Behaviour = 5

Psychology = 15

Death & Dying = 6

Beowulf = 36

For interest's sake, Branding and Consumer Behaviour are required for my degree, the rest are electives.

I will continue to monitor the hours I spend studying in my side-bar. I am interested in seeing how closely it relates to my final grades in the classes.

... And now, since you are still with me, here's a cute picture I found on the internet(z):

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