Friday, June 12, 2009

What's Going On?

So, last week (Exactly a week ago actually - Friday the 5th), I made the splurge and bought the new, highly promoted Sims 3. I had been a fan of both the Sims 1 and 2, although I really didn't like that the Sims 1 didn't age, and I have the Sims 2 for my X-Box which I believe now actually lessens the experience some. So I was really looking forward to buying this game, even though it is a lot more than I usually spend on videogames. All of my games are bought second hand.

I ran to FutureShop, and excitedly bought it over my lunch hour at work. Of course, I couldn't install it on my work computer so I would have to wait until later that night. But I was driving to my hometown that night, so it would be 9:00pm before I even would get a chance to try it! So in order to satiate myself some I grabbed the booklet out of the game and brought it into my office to read over and discover changes.

Excited after work, I hurried home and packed in record time. I flew to my hometown - I got there at 8:30pm - making it a 3 hr drive instead of 3 1/2. Hmm. No one was home (My family had a steak night to go to that night), so I sat down in the living room with my laptop and quickly started installing the game. It all went well, and then it was asking for the code. Code? I knew I had seen that somewhere. I checked the case. Nope. It must be in the booklet. Booklet. Where was the booklet? In that painful moment I realized that I had left the booklet on my desk, at work, a 3 1/2 hour away. Should I drive home and back tonight? It was an serious consideration. But even if I drove there it would take me until midnight at this point to get there, even if I drove fast. My office would be closed until Monday. No dice.

So I sat in anticipation of playing the game all weekend, waiting for Monday night to finally come. I was antsy all day at work, wanting to get home to try out my new game. I think I would have been more productive if I had brought my laptop to work and played at work. Seriously.

But I made it and finally rushed home to install the game. It took two hours. I was quickly learnign that patience may be a virtue but I don't have it.

Finally I was able to start the game, and get into designing my characters. I noticed right away that something was wrong. The graphics that looked so pristine on the box were blurry. And the game was really slow. It turns out that not only is my graphics card not good enough to support this game, but I also don't have enough RAM. *Sigh*

So what am I going to do? Play a slow, fuzzy version of the Sims 3 until I get a new computer years down the road of course!

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