Friday, June 19, 2009

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there!

I have decided to make a special Father's Day post, for all those of you who haven't had time (or forgot) to shop for that perfect gift. For those of you who are crafters and love the appeal of a homemade gift, I have included the Top Five Homemade Father's Day Gifts (according to my preference) list. For those who prefer to shop, I have included my Top Five Storebought Father's Day gifts. Everything has the information you need to get there. (Please note: These are only my picks. I have tried to make them as accessable as possible, but I am in no way affiliated with any of the named businesses, nor do I accept responsability for any undue reactions.)

Top Five Homemade Father's Day Gifts

5. YouTube It:

One of the most recent trends that have been emerging is for people to write and then perform songs for their Dad's on that special Day. But this goes beyond picking at a guitar in the kitchen while he watches you - several people have been recording themself singing and playing their instrument, and then put it into a computer program to turn it into a video with pictures of them and their dad together. A good example of this can be found here, beginning showing the son performing and then cutting into pictures of his dad throughout his life.

4. Gift Baskets:

Every dad is special in his own way, and often storebought gift baskets just don't quite fit. Perhaps he is a fishing enthusiast, but only actually fishes for jackfish in the local river. Maybe that means he would love to get some new spoons in his basket, but maybe not a fishing guide for more 'exotic' fish.

Perhaps he loves to cook, but is more into stir frys and experimenting than recipes and baking.

Making your own gift basket allows you to customize what's in it so that it is the perfect fit.

3. A Custom Journal

If your dad is the type that likes to write, this may be the perfect gift for him. All you need is a journal (make sure it is not the wire-bound type as this will make recovering it much more difficult), some white glue, and your customized cover. Maybe your dad is a traveller - you could paste a map of his favorite area of the world on it. Or maybe he's a family man - you could cover it in denim and then put a picture of your family on it. The opportunities are as endless as your imagination.

2. Revamp His Shirt

Does your dad have an old favorite shirt or pair of pants that he just can't wear anymore? Whether it's because of it's age, stains, or almost any other factor perhaps the best Father's Day gift for him would be to fix up that old garment. Pull out your sewing machine and some fabric to work with, and bring new life to those clothes with all the memories.

1. His Favorite Meal
The most successful Father's Day gift I have given so far came in the form of food. Before Father's Day I told him that my sister and I had decided to make him five of his favorite foods in one meal for Father's Day. The two of us spent the entire afternoon in the kitchen, preparing for the event.
It was an incredibly odd combination of food at the end, but he loved it. We made a meal of: Bacon Carbonara, Cabbage Rolls, Stuffed Mushrooms, Shish Kabobs, and Corn. And of course, everything was served to him and he didn't have to help clean up. Remember though - this can be a very time-intensive gift, so you may want help!

Top Five Storebought Father's Day Gifts
5. GPS System

Men never want to admit when they are lost - and that often gets them into even more trouble. This particular GPS System comes loaded with a 5" touch screen so that he doesn't have to fumble with the buttons, easy to read typing, full US and Canadian maps, and SayWhere (It will tell you when to turn so you don't have to look). As an added bonus, it is equipped with "Real-time traffic capability", which means that it will tell you if there is an accident somewhere that is backing up traffic, or if there is an area that is moving really slow that you should avoid. This model is available at Canadian Tire for $499.99
4. Pizza Cutter

This item really made me laugh - after all, what man doesn't complain about how "wimpy" the pizza cutters are? Now he can power through his pizza without complaint and look "tough" doing it. This can be found at for $15 USD.

3. Drink Selector Mug

This gift is perfect for the Dad who lives in the office. Chances are, coffee is one of the most important things in his life and make sure he knows that you realize that by giving him this gift to ensure his order never gets mixed up again.

2. Personalized Golf Balls

Is your father a golfer? If so these may be perfect. They say that you care about him, and that you want him to relax. Best of all, they can be made at your local WalMart.

1. Key Locator

Let's face it - everyone is always losing Everything. What better gift could there be than a solution to that problem? This locater attaches with a key room and has been known to be used for everything from keys to pets. It can be bought for $49.95 USD from Brookstone.

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