Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Interrupt this Program...

Good morning!

I'd like to interrupt my 'knitterly photostream' with some pictures of what I was doing last night...

I have an old side table that I picked up at a second-hand store in about 2004. The owner of the store claims to have appraised it to approximately 1930. The foundation isn't very stable, but I think I can fix that up. Currently, my plan is to sand the whole thing down (by hand to shave off any imperfections), and then stain it a chocolate-brown colour.

This is what it looked like when I started:

I worked on it for about three hours last night, and managed to get half of the top sanded, as well as the sides of the top and one leg. I have no delusions that this is going to be a quick project - that's why it took me five years to start it - but for some reason last night I had it in my head that if I didn't start now, I was never going to start and it just wouldn't get done.

I love random acts of conscience. My DB insisted on helping me out by sanding the top of the table with his little hand-held sander. I was very skeptical about that idea, as my only experiences with hand sanders include uneven surfaces and sanding away a full centimetre of wood before the surface is level.

When he tried to help me though, he couldn't get my sanding paper to lock onto his sander, and thus could not do it. This just tells me that it was not meant to be touched by anything but loving hands.

He then asked me to at least let him reinforce the table somehow so it 'wasn't so wobbly'. I agreed, provided that he placed the reinforcements in an inconspicuous place, where they would not restrict the ability to place items underneath the table. We finally agreed (I think) on some cross beams that are placed directly underneath the surface of the table, so they are completely out of the way. Either way, he isn't touching it until he's run every facet by me!

I'm unsure whether I should keep this table for myself once it is completed, or try to sell it in my Etsy store. It has been with me for quite a few years now and would be difficult to replace - on the other hand, my store really needs something new and different. Thoughts?

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