Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Okay, as I said earlier I am going to release pictures slowly, as to not get drunk with pictures and no longer be able to load anything.

So, the last time that I posted pictures that were actually of my own knitting was right about when I started the blog. I posted pictures of my January Afghan square. As a result, I think it only makes sense to post February's pictures. (As you can see by the knitting pane on the left, I am still working on the March square... oops! It has been a slow knit)

February's square has a valentine's day pattern. It was designed by Twinsmama on Ravelry. It was confusing to knit at first, but the pattern caught on quickly and then I flew through it.

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irishcream06 said...

that's cute!!! i'm thinking of joining a group on ravelry, a sort of exchange thing, where a bunch of us knit squares of all different colours and patterns. I love that one!!