Friday, May 1, 2009

Much Ado about Nothing

So It's been awhile since I've posted. (What's that? a week?) Sadly so.

It is not because I have forgotten my blog. Far from it. In fact, it has been niggling at the back of my mind constantly, going 'Are you going to post today? We miss you...'

The problem it seems, is I haven't had much positive to say, and I didn't want this to be a loaded post. I guess it's going to be a loaded post.

I thought I had finally reached 180 lbs... then I found out that the scale weighs light, and I am in fact 190 lbs... I guess I have still lost the weight, but it is a real kick in the ass and I have had trouble staying focused this week as a result. I have gone over my calorie limit two days in a row... and today it drops by 200 again. Here's to hoping right?

I have only made it to the gym twice this week... although, I fully intended to start my 12 week program this week. I think I am going to cut my losses and restart on Sunday. In my defence, the only reason I have not been exercising much is because I feel like poop. Yeah that's right. Feces. Pellets. Crap. Shit on a stick. Poop.

I think I have the flu.

In knitting news, nothing has happened... at all. Unless you count getting two rows further on my March (!) block...

The only good news I have to round this out is that Gilles will be back tonight. Hopefully he will get back, check his marks and find out that all his worrying was for nothing. I don't think I could handle it if he failed at this point. It would be TRAGIC. He's worked so hard.

I'll update you, but that is all the hoo haw I'm going to pour on you today.

I will however give you another totally awesome looking free pattern:

Thanks to DaniDo Crafty for this awesome mug cozy:

The pattern can be found here.

Please not the following errata:

"Errata: For ‘Squared Check’ version it has been noted that there is a problem with the numbers being right. The best I can figure is that as you increase out you’ll end up with 23 sts, and you need 22 for the pattern, you can increase out to the 23 (so your sides are even), then in the middle of the row before you begin the patterned section k2tog and you will have the correct number of sts. I will work on changing the website page to reflect this as well. Thank you all who brought this to my attention! I have no test knitters, so I depend on your input. Thanks!
This reusable wrap is an excellent replacement for disposable ‘java jackets’. In addition to being adjustable to work around your ceramic or glass mugs at home, this also fits around most to go cups found at your local coffee house. Tell your barista that you have your own ‘sleeve’ and save the world one less bit of trash and wasted card board.
You can knit this up in any yarn in any gauge, the gauge given provides a dense but flexible fabric and the yarn used was a bit of scrap from the bottom of my stash bucket. This pattern would be great in everything from the last bit of a hand spun to cheap kitchen cotton. NOTE: If you do change the kind of yarn you use, please note that the width of your jacket will change. If you use a thicker yarn, do not increase as many times, or only increase twice every increase row instead of four times."

Compliments of DaniDo Crafty's Ravelry pattern page.

Thanks again DaniDo!

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