Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Madness

It seems that every holiday that comes and goes comes with a load of knitting. This isn't to say that I do not like this - I absolutely love knitting for my loved ones. However, there always seems to be something. that. gets. in. the. way.

As you are aware I was quite sick last weekend, and I am happy to announce that while low on energy, I am feeling much better. It turns out that I had tonsillitis. Thankfully I did not need to have my tonsils removed, but could be treated on (very strong) antibiotics.

Unfortunately, my boyfriend has been sick all week now so I have been spending all of my time at home taking care of him, and very little knitting has been done.

That being said, I have managed to finish 'Secret Project - Part 2', make some progress on my March block, and make half of my boyfriend's mom's mothers day present... so I haven't been completely hopeless. Here's to hoping I can knit the other half without her noticing while I'm at their house this weekend! I am knitting the Elvish Leaves Dishcloth pattern by Kelley, found at it's link. I wasn't sure whether the slipped stitches were meant to be knit or purl-wise, but I have been slipping them knitwise and it seems to give the cloth character. I am working with a variagated yarn for it, and I think I would work with a solid colour in the future as the pattern seems to show up better, but I am very happy with it overall at this point, and would definitely recommend the pattern. I will post pics when it is done/my camera works.

On another note I have put a lot of thought into my Etsy shoppe lately. I have made only one sale, and it has been open since December. As a result, I think I am going to take down the current listings I have, and 'renew' my shop. I have a few projects on the go that are both sophisticated and fun, and I think would sell a lot better than what I currently have up. While I believe that what I currently have up is excellent quality, I can see how they may look amateur as they have no common listings. Therefore I am going to remove the Mothers Day card I have in my shop, and add several sewn items. I am interested in putting in several of the same type of item, using small variations. I think it will get a positive response. The only hint that I am willing to tell you at this point, is that I will be repurposing ties for it.

I am not sure however, whether or not I should leave the knit scarves up, or pull them down and return them to the site in the fall. Any thoughts? Feel free to email me if you do not wish to leave a comment.

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