Friday, May 15, 2009


Are you from a farm? I am.

I'm told that's why I like to 'stash' things. It makes sense.

I was thinking about how everyone seems to refer to their yarn as their stash last night. I realized that not only do I have a yarn stash, I have a novel stash, a textbook stash, a kleenex stash, a tp stash, a laundry detergent stash, a paper towel stash, a dish soap stash... you get the picture.

Basically what happens is that whenever I get close to running out (this has different definitions based on what it is: close to running out for kleenix is 3 or less boxes left. Close to running out for tp is 5 or less rolls left. Close to running out for shampoo is 2 or less bottles left... you get the picture.) Anyway, as soon as I'm close to running out, I run to the store and build up my pile again. No need to mention that I am no longer on the farm. In fact, I have a Superstore across the street from me.

Does anyone else "stash" everything like this? It seems to me this could be a combination of growing up on the farm (you don't get to the store more than once a week/two weeks) and being a student (you may not be able to afford to buy this next month).

Anyway, I decided earlier this week that I was sick of having my cupboards overflowing with dishes and having to shuffle things around to fit 'one more cup in the cupboard'. I've been storing a lot of things for my younger brother and sister, and decided that, hey! My parents have a house. It's bigger than my apartment. I'm going to put all of the stuff I want to give my siblings when they move out into boxes, and bring them home with me for THEM to deal with. So that's what I did. And now, I have three big boxes full of dishes that I don't want that are sitting in my car waiting to be dropped off at my parents house. No, I didn't tell them that the boxes are coming. They can deal with them when they get there. (I'm scared that if I told them, they would tell me they don't have any more storage space...)

I'm also going to send my giant planting pots home, as they are taking up the entire bottom section of my closet... think they'll notice if I put them in the garage?

Yay for spring-cleaning/getting rid of stuff that I'm holding on to for no apparent reason!

How is your spring cleaning going?

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