Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All the Small Things

It is amazing how your best writing happens when you are no where near a computer, or heaven forbid, a pen and paper. That was the case last night. I was lying in bed, waiting for sleep to come to me and I worked my way through a very intuitive, insightful blog post. I knew at the time that I should be getting up to write it down, lest I would forget it in the morning. I was right. I do remember bits and pieces though. It has nothing to do with knitting, so you are warned. I'll do my best to recreate it here for you.


It's amazing how much emphasis in life is put on the big things. Getting that job. Getting your degree. Important birthdays. Getting a promotion. Getting married. You name it.

It seems there is all the pressure in the world to succeed, and make something of yourself.

But what about the little things? Some of my favorite things in life are those that are completely overlooked by society.

I love it when the world seems to slow down, because my darling boyfriend (here-on-in named DB), has stopped to look at me, and maybe tuck my hair behind my ear.

I love it when the window is open in the morning, and you wake up to the sound of a quiet city, and birds singing.

I love it when my coffee is just the right temperature, and I actually finish it before it goes cold.

I love it when I get something in the mail, just to say that someone is thinking about me.

It is all these small things, and this is just the tip of the iceburg. I could go on for days. But these small things are what life is run on, and they get completely overlooked by society.

A person could know the secret to happiness, yet if they are not successful they won't be looked at twice.

At the same time, our society is obsessed with celebrities who, while they have the success and fame everyone craves, often have very disfunctional home lives.

What is success worth to you?

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