Thursday, April 9, 2009


No knitterly updates here: sorry.

I do however want to comment on my weight-loss progress, as follows:

I really had to fight to get myself going at the gym yesterday - it seemed like any potential steam that I might have had had just fizzled away - and it seemed no matter how hard I worked I just couldn't produce the results that I had on Tuesday. An hour after I started working out I was huffing and puffing, red in the face, and covered in sweat (lovely picture isn't it?), and had burned a grand total of... 502 calories. So I made my goal in calories, but that leaves milage. 3.82 miles. Ouch.

I think this is partly because after 30 minutes on the eliptical I could tell that I needed to do something else - my muscles were already telling me when I got on there that they were hurting from it - that I needed to target them some other way. So I switched over to the treadmill, but found that I couldn't pull the energy needed to run (I nearly went off the back end of the treadmill when I tried), so I forced myself to walk for 30 minutes at an incline of 5-8 (variable) instead. This meant that while I was working very hard to get there, I wasn't going very far. I think I'll try the bike on Friday and see how that feels.

I also made my first measurements yesterday (much to my dismay I am much larger than I thought... it always seems to be that way, doesn't it?) and it turns out one thigh is about 2" smaller than my younger sisters hips. Ouch. Here are the measurements:

Bust: 40"
Waist: 34 3/4"
Belly: 43.5"
Hips: 42.5"
Right Thigh: 27"
Left Thight: 27"
Right Arm: 14"
Left Arm: 14"

Total Inches: 242.75
+/- = 0

As you can see I am focusing mostly on the total inches to see if I am shrinking -- because I have no idea where the weight is going to come off (although I wouldn't be surprised if it is coming off the bust the fastest - my girls seem to be shrinking rather rapidly).

My only wish is that I had done measurements when I started in February, so I could know if I have gotten anywhere yet. Oh well - I'll know in the next weeks.

I have also had some (limited) success. It may sound trivial, but when I weighed myself last week I was 186 pounds, when I weighed myself Tuesday I weighed 185 pounds, and when I weighed myself yesterday I weighed 184 pounds. I realize that weight can fluctuate up to 4 pounds/day based on what you eat, how much water you drink and what time it is, but yesterday I drank 2L of water and I have been weighing myself at approx. the same time each day.... a girl can hope they are real results anyway.

'Til next time!

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