Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Veggie Monster

There isn't much new in knitting news, aside from that on the March square of the afghan, I seem to be frogging every second row (Every one that I actually have to think about), and restarting it. It is getting quite frustrating, but I am slowly making progress. I have relegated this square to be a 'work square', meaning it is the one I am currently working on over my lunch breaks at work. Except, I haven't had time for many lunch breaks lately so it is mostly just sitting there. I will bring it home over the weekend however, and I hope to make some progress there as a result.

In weight loss news, I went to the pool to swim laps yesterday with the mind-set, 'I was a lifeguard up to my first year university, swimming laps for an hour and a half will be no problem.' Well, eventually it wasn't a problem once I got a sort of rhythm, but boy did those first 10 laps hurt. I finally forced my self to go into a sort of swimming trance, like I used to when I'd swim laps. I then survived the last 80 minutes without tragedy. Except, for some reason I am sore today... Who would have thought swimming uses different muscles than an eliptical? Haha especially when you swim 180 laps of breaststroke...It should make today's workout at the gym interesting to say the least.

I have also discovered that my body needs meat. It may seem obvious, but I've been using up leftovers this week, and there are no meat leftovers (at least in the fridge). Therefore, I had sweet peas for lunch on Monday, with leftover salad from Sunday's lunch. (This did have some chicken in it, but less than an oz.) I then made a veggie stir fry for supper Monday night, and ate that again for dinner Tuesday. Then I had a salad last night for supper... and I'm having that again for lunch today. But boy, my stomach is so upset today. I don't know if it's because I'm hungry, (According to my food log I burnt 1000 calories more than I ate yesterday), or because my body isn't used to digesting so many vegetables, but boy! I'm also quite tired today - I woke up thirsty in the middle of the night last night several times and had to get up and guzzle some water. Maybe that has something to do with it? Either way, I am definitely having fish for supper tonight. Hopefully that will settle me down!

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