Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Bit of Everything

Thanks to One Crazy Fiber Lady for the link to this quiz.
Your rainbow is shaded blue.

What is says about you: You are a tranquil person. You appreciate friends who get along with one another. You share hobbies with friends and like trying to fit into their routines.

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In other news, the camera still isn't working properly. I'm not sure how much detail I went into in my last post, but it will take pictures fine, and the camera can view the pictures afterward, the computer just can't read the file -- so it's probably some setting that I haven't found yet gone askew.

Knitting News

As you can see, I have finished both my Secret Project 1 Part 1 :) and my Secret Project 2. For SP1, I can't tell you what it is yet because the recipient hasn't recieved it yet... but I will share later down the road, along with some pictures.

Secret Project 2 was a huge success. I knitted the Starfish Cloth by sew-funky for my supervisor at work.

Often I will wonder if making homemade gifts is worth it - whether they will really appreciate the effort behind the work, or whether I would be better off just running off to WalMart to pick them out a couple movies out of the bin. This time I could tell that she was really happy with her gift though - she practically shrieked when she saw it, and said that she gets one-a-year from her mother-in-law, but that they are always worn right out before she gets the next one.

:) Glad to hear it'll be put to use.

I also casted on (again) for the March block for the Block of the Month Afghan I'm working on. (Yes, I'm behind again.) This time however I slowed myself down and forced myself to count the stitches on the needle at the end of each row before moving on. This is excruciatingly painful, because - well, 63 stitches of chunky weight yarn don't fit very well on a 15" needle, and it becomes even more trying when you are trying to shove them around to count them. So far so good though - I have made it through the first set in the repeats without any serious trouble, so it is worth it. Last time I would have the wrong number of stitches and sit there staring at it, wondering how many rows ago I made the mistake...

I am also working on cutting up the material for the second part of Secret Project 1. (Hint, hint) It is proving to be a time-consuming process, and I am finding myself becoming impatient and wanting to start knitting, so much so that I am considering using only one colour rather than two and twisting them together. I guess we will have to see what my level of patience sits at tonight. (In other news I have discovered that at 20 years old I still haven't figured out how to cut straight...)

Diet News

As at this date, I still haven't lost any weight. I mean sure, it might have something to do with the fact that I splurged two Saturdays in a row, and then didn't watch my calories for a week while I was at home... but surely the work that I am doing would make up for some of that?

All the same, I have turned the clock and my goals have changed with the month. I am not sure if I posted earlier about this, but every month I am cutting back the number of calories I eat/day by 200, until I reach my goal of 1400 calories/day. I have now turned the dial for the 3rd time, down from 2200 to 2000 calories/day. Most days I sit slightly over 1500 and this isn't a problem, however this cushion does allow for those days that my stomach just doesn't agree with the fact that I am trying to shrink it.

As with the turn, I have also increased my exercise goals. Previous goals were merely about getting to the gym. In February my goal was to get to the gym twice a week (which wasn't usually a problem), and in March it was to get there three times/week (which I struggled with a bit more). April's goal has a bit of a kick to it. Not only is my goal to get to the gym every second day (or do something else for exercise if I'm not in the city), but I have been starting to notice myself becoming comfortable with the routine I have been setting out at the gym. So my current goal is as follows: Every day that I'm at the gym I must burn a minimum of 500 calories, and I must "travel" a minimum of 5 miles.
I implemented this goal for the first time yesterday, and I found that I had extraordinary results - in 55 minutes I traveled 5.03 miles, and burnt 582 calories. Not too shabby! This is the best workout I have had yet.

Right now I am using the days in between as rest days. Next month I hope to be able to increase the mileage to 5.5 miles, and the calories to 600. I also hope to be able to implement a bit of strength training at home on the days between work-outs. Wish me luck!

Free Pattern

As promised, here is another free pattern that I think is amazing. First a few pictures...

No, I haven't made these. But I really want to. They are so cute!
All pictures and the pattern are her copyright, and I claim no ownership to them.
The pattern can be found at the link, as it is too long to add to this blog posting!
These socks are in my knitting queue for once I brave up enough to try sock knitting.
Thanks Cookie!
Until next time... keep creative!

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