Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Artificial Motivation

Is there such thing? Can I buy some?

My knitting has progressed very slowly - I seem to be too busy exercising! Of course, my bf was home on the weekend too, which meant much less knitting time (He insists that I put the knitting down, and actually relax when we are watching a movie).

I have started working on Secret Project 1 - Part 2, but cannot elaborate much, because I am unsure as to whether its recipient will actually be reading this post. What I can say though, includes that I am working with three strands at a time - a very new concept for me - I struggled to keep them all working together for awhile, and I am still having trouble with the balls getting knotted together. Also, I can only knit a few rows of this a night, otherwise it will tear my fingers up. That is all I can say. :D

In other news, I have been pushing and pushing myself for exercise. I am getting frustrated that I am not seeing results, so I have started several new concepts. These include:

1. I am not going to eat over my calorie limit anymore, no matter what the occasion. (I know, this one seems to be obvious but sometimes it isn't.)
2. I am going to exercise every day, even if its only for 1/2 hour.
3. I am going to incorporate weights into my routine.
4. I am going to write out goals for the day ahead of time, so I don't just do the same thing every day.
5. I am going to log a running plus/deficit for calories, restarting at the beginning of each month. My long-term goal is to manage a deficit of 28,000 calories in a month. (That's 8 lbs).
6. I am going to measure myself every Wednesday, and write down the results even if they upset me.
7. I am going to weigh myself daily, (as soon as I get a scale) so that I can better understand the daily fluctuations of my body weight.
8. I will always push myself, even if I don't feel like exercising.
9. I will keep a record of how many sit-ups/push-ups I manage to do, and record it to use as inspiration (hopefully)
10. I will keep a record of reps and weight for strength training.

A lot of this seems very self explanatory, but it's amazing how easy it is to overlook. Here's to hoping that this will help! By the way - I am officially back down to 184. Yay for baby steps!

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